About CDES


Central Department of Environmental Science Alumni (CDES-Alumni) is an association of students graduating (M.Sc./PhD-Environmental Science) from CDES. The association was formed in 2010 AD. Mr. PrabinKishor Sharma was the first president of executive committee of CDES Alumni. The association had been carrying out different programs annually with prime objective of serving as a common platform for graduates from CDES. The association has been effective forum for fresh graduates to meet seniors and learn from their personal experience regarding settings and scenario in the professional market of environmental experts. The democratic practice of leading the alumni has led to change in leadership by annual general meetings and has successfully completed seven years dedicating to bonding between CDES graduates around the world. The alumni harnesses love of all members and proudly address the members as brothers and sisters as signatory of family.


Serve as mother organization for members graduating from CDES with respect to their personal and professional upbringing.


  • Establish as the ultimate forum for CDES graduates.
  • Establish as a dedicated forum for think-tank of environmental issues and solutions.
  • Be recognized nationally and internationally as a family of environment professionals.


  • Serve as common platform for CDES graduates.
  • Establish communication and cater opportunities of personal bonding between members.
  • Develop a database of members around the globe.
  • Dedicate with compassion for professional security of CDES graduates.
  • Associate with CDES and execute programs for the welfare of alumni members.

What Alumni Do?

  • Develop a database of members of CDES graduates around the globe.
  • Establish regular communication mechanism among the alumni members.
  • Organize programs (gathering, sharing and learning workshop, seminar or conference etc.) to promote environmental issues for social benefit.
  • Conduct campaign, advocacy and exchange program for environmental right
  • Maintain coordination and collaboration for academic papers and relevant documents publications.
  • Facilitate CDES graduates for internships and career opportunities