Volume 9, Issue 1 to appear in June 2021


The forthcoming issue of Nepal Journal of Environmental Science is Volume 9, Issue 1. This issue will be published in June 2021. The articles will be made public under "accepted articles" or "articles in press"  on the website before the publication of a hard copy of the journal.

The manuscripts can be submitted throughout the year using the submission system on the website. If any difficulty arises during the submission, authors can directly send their manuscripts via editor@cdes.edu.np or cmsharma@cdes.edu.np.

We want to clarify that there will be two issues per year, first in June and second in December. These time bounds are for the hard copy of the journal. Both issues of the journal will be printed in a hard copy at the end of the year. The accepted manuscripts will appear online as soon as they are ready for publication, and the authors do not need to wait until the arrival of the hard copy. We make sure that the accepted version of the articles reaches wider audiences as soon as possible.